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A plea to Nexon, in the MapleStory old participant
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Post Posted: Tue May 15, 2018 3:47 am     Post subject: A plea to Nexon, in the MapleStory old participant
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I'm here today to create a request to Nexon MS Mesos concerning the permanent bans that were passed out as penalties due to the block exploit that took place last December. I feel some of those bans do not fit the punishment especially in light of recent events.

The reason why I am writing this really is, someone I knew (a good friend of mine) was banned in the wake of the December cube exploit. As I'm sure you're aware, after such an exploit takes place, the current market is immediately flooded with exceptionally excellent items. Ordinarily, the tapped items would be relatively easy to see, but this exploit happened during Miracle Time. Because of this, some items were purchased without a lot of suspicion and it's understandable as anyone would purchase powerful items in a hurry if they were sold at a cheap price.

My friend wasn't the only person who had been penalized for coming in touch exploited items as many other players were also permanently banned for unknowingly getting exploited items. Most if not all of these innocent victims would never have voluntarily purchased these exploited items had they known of their dubious nature, especially not in the possibility of their account.

For many years, my buddy has put a lot of time, effort, and money into this sport and has consistently followed the game's Terms of Use. He wouldn't, under any circumstances, take advantage of an exploit due to how passionate he is about the game. I strongly believe this also applies to a vast majority of the players who were banned for only coming in touch illegitimate items. Several of the people have attempted to appeal their bans, but Nexon has diminished them all as they believe that everyone involved (knowingly or unknowingly) are thinking about taking part in the exploit.

Finally, my friend gave up and recognized his undeserved punishment, and came to terms with it. According to many sources, July's exploit was an specific replica of this one in December, however when Maplestory items the time came out to deliver the punishments, just those individuals who performed the tap were banned. Everybody else that came from the items were abandoned unbanned and most if not all the exploited items stay in circulation. Fundamentally, a much lighter punishment has been given out this time.
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