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Hand furnace
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Post Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 8:17 am     Post subject: Hand furnace
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(Western Han Dynasty) flow gold and silver bamboo smoked furnace, national treasure-level artifacts.
1981 unearthed in Xingping City, Shaanxi Province, east of Maoling from the funeral pit. Through the height of 58 cm, caliber 9 cm. Now collected in Shaanxi History Museum.
Copper furnace Boshan furnace form. By the furnace, long handle, base cast riveting together, the whole flow of silver flow, carved fine Lou, is a rare art boutique. Outside the mouth of the furnace and the circle foot inscription engraved on the outside, remember the original Weiyang Gong things, after the return of Yang letter home, should be given by the Han Emperor Wu Yang princess and her husband General David Green's items.
Smoked stove base engraved with two Beaulieu, two dragon ang head mouth bite bamboo handle. Bamboo-shaped handle is divided into five sections, the section is also engraved with bamboo leaves, handle the top three Beaulieu smoked stove care. Smoked furnace for the Boshan-shaped, lower body carved Beaulieu pattern, the background flow of silver, dragons flow of gold, the upper body relief four dragon, the first review of the dragon body from the waves in the free, smooth lines, modeling fantastic. The whole smoked stove is divided into three decorative areas, a total of nine dragon decorate the meantime. "Nine" in ancient China symbolizes the highest figures, is a manifestation of imperial power. The inscription on the outside of the furnace cover inscribed a week thirty-five words: "The insider is not lying golden yellow bamboo smoked stove with an equal weight of ten pounds in 12 two years of four years in October made the first three." Inscribed foot outside the inscribed circle inscription thirty-two words: "The insider is not lying golden smoked bamboo smoked stove with a weight of eleven jin four years temple construction lost five years in October the first four." Inscription from the outside of the lid we can see that this furnace is the Western Han Dynasty Royal Weiyang household life device. From the simultaneous unearthed "Yang Xinjia" inscriptions of bronze analysis, combined with historical records, that this smoked stove in the Weiyang Gong, Jianyuan five years (136 years ago), the Han emperor will reward her sister Yang Xinchang princess.
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