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Rookie must read: wireless router set tutorial [graphic]
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Post Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:15 am     Post subject: Rookie must read: wireless router set tutorial [graphic]
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<p>Huawei Dual Bands Ap Ap2030Dn Wall Mount Wireless Access Point routers have become more and more popular. Most of them use laptops or mobile phones. They all want to use WIFI to connect to the Internet directly for convenience and provincial traffic. However, many children just contact the wireless router shoes, do not know how to use a wireless router. Although there are instructions, but some manual is indeed a brief description of the need to study for some time before we can really understand how to use a wireless router. The following small series with the more common TP Link wireless router, for example, to share with you how to set up a wireless router. 1, the appearance of the wireless router First look at the various interfaces of the wireless router, basically wireless routers are similar, the location of the Reset button may not be the same. </p>
<p> The wireless router connected, I believe this is hard to bar you, after the connection is good, start the router. 2, wireless router parameter settings Wireless router and computer with a network cable connected, of course, you can also use the Huawei S5700 48Tp Si Ac 48 Port Gigabit Ethernet Optic Fiber Switch search connection, but the novice is still recommended to use the network cable can be directly connected. After connecting, open the browser, it is recommended to use IE, enter in the address bar to enter the wireless router's setup interface. Need to log in before setting other parameters, the default login user name and password are admin, you can refer to the manual (the easiest is to look directly Routing shell description of the note). </p>
<p>After successful login, select the wizard interface, the default will automatically pop up. </p>
<p>After selecting the Setup Wizard will pop up a window that can be set through the wizard the basic parameters of the router, you can click Next. According to the setup wizard step by step settings, select the Internet, ADSL users usually choose the first PPPoE, if you use the other Internet service providers are based on the actual situation, select the following two, if you do not know how to choose, directly select the first automatic selection can be convenient for novice operation, select the end click Next. enter the account and password applied from the Next Generation Huawei Usg6630 Firewall Barebone service provider, the input is completed directly after the next step. </p>
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